Casa Betania

 "Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest."

~Matthew 11:28

The Work of
Casa Betania

At Casa Betania, you will find a place of quiet and prayer,  dialogue, inspiration and renewal;
a place to reflect on and deepen
your personal relationship with God;
a place where you can come to better
know, love and serve God.
Whether you are seeking a day of reflection focused on a specific theme, longer periods of time for directed or private retreats or a weekend retreat or workshop on a broad range of seasonal or other spiritual topics,
you can find it here.
Let us walk with you to create the time away where
Jesus can work miracles. 
Groups who provide their own leader and have a spiritual agenda are welcome as is anyone who wishes to make a private, directed, or scheduled retreat.

Come away and rest awhile...

Participating in a planned retreat removes that preparation work from your retreat team while offering your attendees an opportunity for spiritual growth.



  • Cursillo

  • Spiritual Retreats

  • Healing Retreats

  • Centering / Silent Retreats

  • Couples Retreats

  • Family Retreats

  • Sacramental Retreats

  • Youth Retreats

  • Staff Retreats

  • Catechesis Workshops

  • Seasonal Retreats

  •  Acts

Reflect in God's presence

With our Church's mission always in mind, we strive to assist you in creating a retreat that reaches the goals you are seeking for your attendees.

  • Retreat Planning Assistance

  • Presenter Assistance

  • Planning Team Formation

Retreat to nurture your faith

At Casa Betania, we are eager to provide you with what you need to renew your spirit.  If your needs don't include use of our retreat services or planning assistance, we also offer rental of  our comfortable and peaceful facilities.


  • Full Facility rental

  • Conference Center rental

  • Overnight Dorm Facilities

  • Meeting Room

  • Kitchen / Dining Facility

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Casa Betania

10645 County Road 35

Tyler, TX 75706


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